The taste of hometown in your heart.

FUKUYA manufactured and sold Karashi Mentaiko for the first time, was a small grocery store that originally opened at Nakasu market.
“FUKUNOYA” is a food brand that is easy for customers to buy them.

Building the icon that symbolizes Japanese food.

At the time of FUKUYA’s founding, the staple food in Japan was “rice”. In order to cherish the origins of its founding, the new symbol mark is the icon of the staple food in Japan, “Plump rice” which is represented by the Japanese letter of “FU” (It’s the initial of the brand name). The package incorporates the thought of the founder Toshio Kawahara who was involved in the formation of the Nakasu style in the Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival and was designed with a part of the Nakasu mark of Nakasu style’s Happi* coat as an element. The brand book was designed to resemble a picture book in which the new symbol changes each time the page is turned.
*Happi is a traditional costume for the festival.

Credit /
Client: Fukuya Co.,Ltd
Creative Direction: Daisuke Kobayashi (SUKEDACHI DESIGN)
Art Direction: Daisuke Kobayashi (SUKEDACHI DESIGN)
Design: Daisuke Kobayashi (SUKEDACHI DESIGN)
Illustration (Brand book): Rumiko Nanaumi
Copy (Brand book): Michiyo Kambe (Canbe-shokai)