Continue to evolve.

Fukuya’s signature product, “Aji no Mentaiko,” was the first to manufacture and sell karashi mentaiko. It was launched in 1957 and became a Hakata specialty.

As customers’ ages and lifestyles change with the times, together with Fukuya, SUKEDACHI DESIGN was in charge of redesigning packages that are trusted by customers (maintainability) and can respond to the times (trends, quality).

Re-verify the uniqueness of FUKUYA.

By changing the F-mark, which is the symbol of Fukuya, from the conventional textile type to the symbol type, the expression has been corrected to make the face of the brand more confident and trusting. The color has been changed from the traditional slightly bright and pop impression to the redness and greenness of the pepper, which is a food idea.
Organize the information on the surface of the package, verify multiple placements with names and symbols as the main, and reset the rules for identifying each flavor that does not affect the main impression. In order to make it easier for not only customers but also store staff to handle flavor identification at retail stores, we have reflected the identification rules in the side design based on the content of the exchange of opinions with the staff. At the factory where the products are packaged, the side design was adjusted following the opinion that the staff wanted it to be easy to understand whether the folded package was oriented correctly or not.
The design that shows the three F marks as symbols is reflected in the design of the new paper bag and vinyl bag.
The poster uses a package photo with a vermilion background of lacquer as a visual to express Fukuya, which continues to evolve with high quality and new brand colors.
Fukuya continues to evolve without changing the spirit of taking on new challenges from the time of its founding.
We would like to thank the people concerned about being in charge of redesigning the new brand color and the new “Aji no Mentaiko” package, which symbolizes Fukuya’s challenging spirit.

Credit /
Client: Fukuya Co., Ltd
Project Manager: Toshifumi Kakimoto (Fukuya Co., Ltd)
Art Direction: Daisuke Kobayashi (SUKEDACHI DESIGN)
Design: Daisuke Kobayashi (SUKEDACHI DESIGN)
Photo (Poster): Kazuhiro Yamane (Ultra graphics)
Retouch (Poster): Ai Ogasawara (Habibi)