Cafe & SoBar (Soba + Bar) that concludes today

Including “Toshikoshi soba” and “〆 soba”, soba has been regarded as auspicious food to make tomorrow a good day by closing the time of the day and the year. (The origin of Toshikoshi soba is that it is a food made by stretching soba into thin pieces, so it is generally said that on New Year’s Eve, people started to eat auspicious things such as “healthy longevity” and “family luck longevity”.)
SUKEDACHI DESIGN designed the “Café & SoBar Glicine” symbol with the hope that any day today will be a “lucky day” from the next day.

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Client: glicine
Art Direction: Daisuke Kobayashi (SUKEDACHI DESIGN)
Design: Daisuke Kobayashi (SUKEDACHI DESIGN)