A unique childcare curriculum for the "early childhood" that is important for human development.

Kirin Kindergarten has continued for over 60 years with a focus on the important “early childhood”. While having repeated conversations with the principal and Mr. Inoue Sogo Printing, Kirin Kindergarten’s unique childcare curriculum and kindergarten support are divided into four categories: “Building the brain”, “Building the mind”, “Building the body”, and “Substantial kindergarten support”. By incorporating the content into a single key visual, we have once again expressed in an easy-to-understand manner the kind of early childhood education that Kirin Kindergarten aims to achieve. The design of each tool, which was disjointed, has been reduced to a unified graphic representing Kirin Kindergarten.

Credit /
Client: Kirin Kindergarten
Produce: Kenichiro Inoue (INOUE PRINTING)
Art Direction: Daisuke Kobayashi (SUKEDACHI DESIGN)
Design: Daisuke Kobayashi (SUKEDACHI DESIGN)