Find Unique Cutting in “WHY”.

Make a “key” to open a person’s “door of interest”.

When thinking about the company name, I thought that design might help people from the character of “SUKE” in my kanji name, so I established it in Fukuoka in 2013 under the name of SUKEDACHI DESIGN. The philosophy is “helping those who need a design for their customers”. Currently, I am focusing on graphic design, which specializes in product and company branding, identity, and art direction.

There are many different ways of thinking about design, but the design that SUKEDACHI DESIGN thinks is a way to think about how to open the “person’s door of interest”, and graphic design is the “key named expression”. To open the door of interest, We think it is necessary to organize what you want to convey and make the expression as simple as possible. Also, to open the door to new customers’ interests, we need to think about things from a perspective that goes beyond the perspective of their existing customers. And We will find hints to open the door of interest with a way of thinking centered on WHY.

SUKEDACHI DESIGN creates together while checking whether the client is not aware of it and is not overloaded with what they want to convey to the customer and whether the expression to convey to the new customer is the expression to convey to the existing customer. Opening a person’s door of interest is not an easy task. That is why we want to help open that door.


2007, Kanagawa Newspaper Advertising Prize “Special Prize Award”
2014, K-ADC Award “Selected”
2014, Fukuoka Design Award“Selected”
2015, K-ADC Award “Second Prix”
2015, Fukuoka Design Award “Judges Award”
2018, K-ADC Award “Best 100”
2019, Japan Typography Annual “Selected”
2021, K-ADC Award “Best 100”
2021, A’ Design Award and Competition(Italy)“Bronze”
2021, MA-g Awards(Switzerland) “Selected for Contemporary Collection”
2023, The Medal design of World Aquatics Championships – Fukuoka 2023 “Grand Prize”


Art Director / Designer
Daisuke Kobayashi
I was born in Niigata JAPAN in 1979. I graduated from Asagaya College of Art and Design, Kyoto University of the Arts. I joined Advision.,ltd. in 2003. Then, I studied under Mr. Saburo Tohmoto. I established SUKEDACHI DESIGN in 2013. Currently, I active mainly in Kyushu Japan. Kyushu ADC member.