Find Unique Cutting in “WHY”.

“The times are advancing. So We design.”

SUKEDACHI DESIGN was established in Fukuoka in 2013 with the philosophy of “helping people in need of design for customers.”
Currently, We are mainly active in graphic design, specializing in product and company branding, identity, and art direction. (“SUKEDACHI” means to use your own sword to help another samurai in revenge or rivalry situations during the time when samurai were active in Japan.)

There are many different ways of thinking about design, but we try to come up with a clear, fresh, and memorable design from an unorganized state.
Before designing, we start by recognizing the true state of the product or service and exploring the “why” in the client.

By exploring the unique perspectives of “why” with our clients and considering every aspect of the design process, we create brands, packages, and other creative things that are fresh to our customers. And we are constantly evolving and adapting to explore new perspectives.
To design a new one is to target it anew. That means capturing changes in the customer base as the times progress.
If you really need a design for your customers, we will be on the client’s side and help them in design, like a samurai who helps someone as a SUKEDACHI.


2007, Kanagawa Newspaper Advertising Prize “Special Prize Award”
2014, K-ADC Award “Selected”
2014, Fukuoka Design Award“Selected”
2015, K-ADC Award “Second Prix”
2015, Fukuoka Design Award “Judges Award”
2018, K-ADC Award “Best 100”
2019, Japan Typography Annual “Selected”
2021, K-ADC Award “Best 100”
2021, A’ Design Award and Competition(Italy)“Bronze”
2021, MA-g(Switzerland) “Selected for Contemporary Collection”


Art Director / Designer
Daisuke Kobayashi
I was born in Niigata JAPAN in 1979. I graduated from Asagaya College of Art and Design, Kyoto University of the Arts. I joined Advision.,ltd. in 2003. Then, I studied under Mr. Saburo Tohmoto. I established SUKEDACHI DESIGN in 2013. Currently, I active mainly in Kyushu Japan. Kyushu ADC member.