The crossties of the coal mine trains, supporting the future from the rails.

The “Coal MineTrain Station Zero” pavilion conveys the longstanding history of the coal mine trains of the Miike Coal Mine, which played a pivotal role in supporting and driving the rapid industrialization of Meiji-era Japan. I designed the monument panel and symbol mark to be installed at the entrance of the pavilion’s gallery.
The design of the monument panel was inspired by the steel rings known as “WAREDOME” and the horseshoe-shaped layout of the Miike Coal Mine railway. Additionally, to represent the total length of the railway network during its peak at 150km, the panel was designed to the width of approximately two crossties that supported the rails at that distance, displaying the numerical value (0.0004km/150km).

The Starting Point to Learn the History of Coal Mine Trains “Zero"

The symbol mark was designed to resemble the zero ring of STATION ZERO, symbolizing the “light” illuminated by coal trains. This was inspired by the presence of a “zero kilometer post” sign indicating the starting point of the coal mine railway within the premises, and the pavilion itself serves as a space where the history of coal trains, spanning over 100 years, is revived for those unfamiliar with them, making it a starting point. It embodies the wish to brighten the future of the region by conveying the history of coal trains.

Credit /
Client: Shiraishi Group
Produce : Stay Kyushu
Creative Direction : Saburo Tomoto (Tomoto Saburo YOROZU Consultation Office., Ltd.)
Art Direction & Design (Monument Panel / Logo): Daisuke Kobayashi (SUKEDACHI DESIGN)
Design (Sign): Advision Ginza., Ltd.