A long time ago, peasants lived together like freelancers.

It is said that long ago, people made a living with about 30 “jobs in their hands.” While the rice was growing, the peasant helped the fishermen make dried fish and helped dig a well in the neighboring village.
Freelance Inc. is not a company that supports freelance, but it is a style that receives orders that large companies can not do by gathering the power of each individual.
SUKEDACHI DESIGN redesigned the website based on the visuals of ukiyo-e, taking the DNA that was used by the ancient Japanese as a figure that fits the times.

Credit /
Client: Freelance Inc.
Direction & Copy: Yoko Gotoh (MONKEY CHILD PRODUCTS)
Art Direction: Daisuke Kobayashi (SUKEDACHI DESIGN)
Web Design: Daisuke Kobayashi (SUKEDACHI DESIGN)
Cording: Hikaru Ando