Calm down as if loosened, connecting joy as if tying a string

“The butcher shop KIRINYA MUSUBI” is a meat business newly launched by a long-established yakiniku Kirinya in Saga. At Kirinya, they carefully select meat only soft, high-quality “female meat (cow meat)”, and select beef that spend more time on breeding “more than 30 months” instead of generally the cow breeding period of about 23 months. In addition, they can bring out the original taste by the meat ripening period of “30 days more” from the meat processing, and finally deliver the meat to their customers. The whole-hearted meats make people smile, the space becomes peaceful, and eventually, they aim to be the brand that connects people with their joy like a knot.

Extract the kanji of two "people" in the kanji "meat"

To express the brand name “MUSUBI”, we designed the knot as a symbol mark while inheriting the shape of the family crest of KIRINYA “Chukage Matsukawabishi ni Onitsuta”. The name “Musubi” represents the brand’s philosophy of believing that meats have the power to connect people when KIRINYA takes meat seriously. Since the kanji for “meat” at the center of the service uses two kanji for “people,” we adopted it as an element in the design. As a take-out product, we designed it to leave an impression like a roof, hoping a customer can enjoy the meat they brought home with peace of mind.

Credit /
Creative Direction: Yukari Soga (DICE PROJECT)
Art Direction: Hitomi Sato (DICE PROJECT)
Art Direction & Design: Daisuke Kobayashi (SUKEDACHI DESIGN)
Copy: Yuichi Oka (Write House)
Photo: Yuki Katsumura