The one and only remote island resort that we can be reached from Fukuoka in an hour

Iki Island, an island where gods gather, was once called “Ikikoku”.
At dusk, where you can feel the eternal history, freshly picked natural seafood, and high-quality golden hot springs. Iki Island, which is located off the coast of the Genkai Sea, is said to be one of the islands that were created when Japan was born. The island has a rare history and is dotted with power spots, and seasonal delicacies from the land that nurtures untouched nature are one of the attractions of visiting the island. Iki Retreat KAIRI MURAKAMI is introduced in the “Michelin Guide Fukuoka / Saga / Nagasaki 2019 Special Edition” as “5 Pavilion Luxury and Finest Ryokan”.

The scenery of Iki tells us that the place is a second home.

In May 2019, I first visited their hotel’s “KAIRI MURAKAMI” after receiving a request from ONKOCHISHIN Inc., that handles hotel rebranding nationwide. I actually stayed and experienced the splendor of the place called Iki using my own eyes, nose, mouth, and all five senses.
I was convinced of the meaning when I heard that the name “KAIRI” was given so that this place near the sea would become a “second home” for customers.
Here, both customers who have come once and those who have come for the first time can experience the finest Iki cuisine and hot springs that flow directly from the source, but this scenery overlooking Yunomoto Bay is the biggest welcome to us. It was the hospitality and symbolized the second home.
From the perspective of a special place that has not changed since Iki Island was once called “Ikikoku”, SUKEDACHI DESIGN designed the kanji “ICHI” and expressed this scenery, which is the first thing that customers see when they visit a hotel as a symbol.

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Client: Iki Retreat KAIRI MURAKAMI
Creative Direction: Daisuke Kobayashi (SUKEDACHI DESIGN)
Design: Daisuke Kobayashi (SUKEDACHI DESIGN)